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New thinner for epoxy paints : DE


Nautix DE thinner-cleaner has been developped to be mixed exclusively with epoxy primers and undercoats.

The main interests are :
- Offers higher-quality paint film compared to universal thinner than DP.
- Requires less quantity than DP because new thinner is more suitable to epoxy paints : We can estimate the need of thinner quantity decreases between 20-25% (in volume) with DE to get the same viscosity.

If you use less thinner for paint pixing, the film of coating will form a more homogeneous film (no sedimentaion inside) that will offers better adhesion, will be more resistant and will cure faster.

DE thiner can be used with Nautix following products : 
- Primers : PE, HPE, and EPOXYGARD.
- Undercoat : U2.
- Finishing paint : Nx194.

Additional information :
Pack sizes : 0.75L / 2.5L

Nautix - Application primaire époxy avec Nautix DE

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