Partner of the Figaro Bénéteau Class

Partner of the Figaro Bénéteau Class

Nautix becomes the exclusive supplier of marine paints for the Figaro Bénéteau Class.

Naturally close to the skippers

The company is historically close to the "Figarists" : nearly all the winners of the race used Nautix paintings. This race has made A4Tspeed, the benchmark antifouling in terms of gliding.

A complete painting cycle

All boats will be degreased with Nautix SD then will receive the Nautix cycle PE primer / Antifouling A4Tspeed.

This is the Nautix paint system dedicated to racing. The application is done by spray gun by the referring shipyards. The choice of PE epoxy primer allows to obtain a very smooth interface. The A4Tspeed antifouling, often applied wet, tends naturally limiting the finishing sanding to 600-800 with water.

SD produit   Primaire PE             Antifouling A4T

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